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I'm getting new bedroom furniture are there any key things I should get? Also I'm trying to make my room look rustic are there any must haves decoration things I should get for my room? I love looking at your blog for inspiration. Many Thanks x

For furniture, I find that a great dresser goes a long way - if you have a lot of drawers you can put everything that you want out of sight away and you’re able to display your favourite ¬†items on top. If you’re getting a bed, check out all the styles available because a bed is where you’ll be spending the most of your time, whether it’s sitting on with friends, lying on when you’re scrolling tumblr or (of course) sleeping on. You’ll want one that really fits you’re style. As far as rustic, wood is what really does the trick. I’m a big fan of rustic as well and I find a combination of wood with delicate metal accents can be lovely. I think every room should have a set of fairy lights as no matter the style they make every room instantly cozy and inviting. I can’t think off the top of my head of any particular accessories but I’ll post some rustic bedrooms for you for the next few posts so be on the lookout for those :) good luck!

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What stuff do you have around your bedroom?

this room here¬†is mine and while it’s changed a bit over the past year since the photo was taken, it’s very similar. I have lots of stuffed animals (even though I’m 20 haha, but it keeps the room cozy), tons of fairy lights, a lot of books, posters, and plenty of tea and mugs on hand. I live in a dorm room so my room is quite small but I don’t have a roommate and I make do with what I have. I also love decorating my room for the holidays come December :)

My own dorm, last year